This blog is devoted to saving lives by presenting to drivers, as well as to traffic safety educators, thoughts and concepts developed from my fifty years of empirical research. Current brain research documenting how driving habits are formed is woven into each posting.

About the author: Frederik Mottola, Emeritus Professor  at Southern Connecticut State University and Executive Director of the National Institute for Driver Behavior, has, for the past 52 years, researched and developed techniques to help drivers learn good habits for space-management. An educator, scientist, inventor, and author, he has designed successful crash-reducing programs for corporations, municipalities, police, military, emergency vehicle operators, and traffic safety educators on national and international levels.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. It is a great blog by a great author!

    I’m really impatient to read more and more useful information here.

    The more people read it on a regular basis the more lives could be saved.

    I wish you much of Good Luck and would like to thank you on behalf of all the readers!

    Yavor Fournadjiev,
    Sofia, Bulgaria

  2. Hello Professor,

    I was fortunate enough to take your class in 1989 at SCSU. I use the techniques you taught daily when I drive. Today I was bringing my son out for his first drive as he just earned his learners permit. The first thing I did was show him the reference points on the car to determine where he was in relation to the side of the road.

    When I got home I looked you up in hopes that you were online and here you are. I just wanted to let you know that all these years later I’m still using your techniques and plan to read up on them again so to pass them on to my son.

    Teachers do make a difference.

    Thanks so much.

    Steve Acton

    1. Hello Steve,

      I want to thank you for the comments you wrote on my blog five years ago. I have been developing a “Driver Wellness Training” for Families for the past seven years.
      You can go to this link for free activities. http://www.NIDB.org and if you send me your mailing address I will have the Driving MIND Pocket Coach book sent to you. You can email me at ProfMottola@NIDB.org.

  3. I took traffic safety Education at Morrill Hall one summer around 1979 with you, Bonessi and Maishe, in the old State Police Fords. This acquired knowledge saved my life more times than I can know.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you Abe, It’s good to hear from former students. I am just launching a new program to help all family members avoid crashes, especially those caused by distracted, texting drivers. Go to NIDB.org for some free training. Regards, Fred

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